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Beer #1: “Best Seller”
Shut Eye | Pale Ale
An easy-drinking pale ale with a mild hop bitterness and quenching finish. A juicy, summer beer dry-hopped with Mosaic, Chinook, and Denali hops. Brewed with Mecca Grade Estate Malt (Madras, OR). 4.5% ABV

Beer #2: “Experimental”
Lowdown | Wheat Ale (Gose)
A Goslar-style, mixed-culture wheat ale with a citrusy aroma and bright acidity. An unfiltered beer brewed with Mecca Grade Estate Malt (Madras, OR), roasted Indian coriander, and coarse sea salt. 3.2% ABV

More About Dwinell Country Ales:

At Dwinell Country Ales, we believe that beer should be shared in an honest and understandable way. That’s why it’s our goal to make simple beers that welcome all kinds of drinkers.

Like many brewers, we got our start at home. Together from our kitchen, we’d make beers shaped by a devotion to experimentation and a drive to create inventive beers. Pouring our beers for friends, we quickly turned our hobby into an obsession and, soon enough, a business.

Now, in our 7-barrel brewhouse, we continue to make beers that foster an encouraging dialog. In the heart of downtown Goldendale, we’re pursuing our goal to make beer in a way that builds direct, supportive relationships. From ingredient sourcing through local producers to active community involvement, we strive to develop a productive dependency on our friends and neighbors that creates shared value.

Whether you visit us in our Goldendale tasting room or sip a pint at your local tavern, our beer will transport you. It’ll take you to a tranquil, humble place – a place we’re proud to call home.