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More about Ordnance:
Ordnance Brewing is an outlier, a brewery out past the far edges of Pacific Northwest population centers, far from the regions corporate breweries and dense brewing communities.  As such, there are no predetermined expectations from the immediate community, no unspoken rules or formulas to be accountable to. It’s the freedom found in the wide-open spaces of the Columbia Plateau and expansive farmland. In the remoteness, Ordnance Brewing brews freely, with an innovative spirit, a farmer’s work ethic. The creativity channels through our brewing team with our Libation Engineer, Logan Mayfield, at the helm. Logan cut his teeth at Standing Stone, Great Divide among others. He’s a flavor centric guy with a nose for spices and diverse aromas.

​We’re brewing beer, not fads, not trends, not corporate initiatives. Because of this you can trust and count on our beer every time you pick up a bottle, a can or draw a pint.